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Used Car ABS Assembly

ABS Assembly

What is ABS Assembly?

The pump, the ECU module (electronic control unit), and the solenoids are all parts of the complete ABS assembly. The ABS Control Module and ABS Pump must generally be changed in order to fix an ABS system. By relieving pressure from any wheels detected to be sliding, the ABS pump modulator part regulates the braking power given to each wheel. It has a number of microscopic valves that control the braking fluid according to instructions from the ABS module.

You most likely have an ABS issue if your brakes suddenly lock up or pulse quickly for no apparent reason. OEM replacement is necessary for this incredibly complex item. A recycled ABS assembly is sometimes the only way to get an OEM replacement at a fair price. The modulator assembly needs to be durable for the life of the vehicle. It can be necessary to replace ABS or traction control if they are utilized extensively.

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ABS Actuator Assembly

In emergency situations, the hydraulic ABS actuator interacts with the ECU to manage the brakes. The ECU keeps track of the rotational speed of your wheels and contrasts it with the velocity at which your automobile is moving. The ECU can tell a tire is starting to skid when it notices a wheel rotating slower than it should. The actuator receives a signal from the ECU right away. In order to prevent tire skidding, the actuator pulses the brake. The ABS actuator may only pulse one brake, depending on the circumstances. The brakes could pulse two, three, or all four at once.

Parts Used in an Antilock Braking System (ABS)

ABS Speed Sensor: In order to enhance braking and traction control via the ABS, the ABS sensor essentially tracks the speed and rotation of the wheel.

Valves: The ABS system heavily relies on valves since they regulate pressure and set a limit on it. The valves restrict the pressure on the brakes when the brake pedal is depressed more firmly.

Pump: After the valves have released pressure, the pump in the ABS is utilized to re-apply pressure to the hydraulic brakes. To provide the required level of pressure and lessen sliding, the controller will alter the pump's state.

Controller: An ABS controller is a component that accepts data from each wheel's own ABS speed sensor. A signal is transmitted to the controller whenever a certain wheel starts to lose traction. Next, the controller will set a brake force restriction and turn on the ABS modulator.

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ABS Pump and Motor Assembly

After the hydraulic valves have released the pressure, the pump in the ABS unit is utilized to return it to the hydraulic brakes. The ABS ECU Module processes data from the wheel speed sensors, and if a wheel slip is detected, the module will signal for the valve to be opened to prevent the wheel slide.

We sell ABS Pump & Motor Assemblies that are rebuilds of original cores that are direct-fit OEM replacements. Each unit is put through rigorous testing to ensure like-new performance and a rapid response time when traction control is required. All units are constructed to operate at OEM levels or above, giving you a reliable product that your car can rely on as well.

To find the best quality ABS Pump and Motor Assembly without breaking the bank visit us today Or call us at (571) 417-5717

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