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Car Tailgate Hinge

Tail Gate Hinge

Tailgate Hinge is one of the most important parts on a car. It is the hinge that joins the tail to the trunk lid, and it is found below the bumper on all cars except for those with a hinged trunk. The Tailgate Hinge has two purposes: to provide support for the trunk lid and to reduce aerodynamic drag by altering the angle of attack of air flowing over a car's roof.

The Tailgate Hinge is part of the body of cars, and is also part of the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards in the United States. The FMS requires it to be aligned within certain tolerances in order to ensure that drivers and passengers don't get injured while inside a car.

A Tailgate Hinge is attached to the body via the use of screws or welded to it. The hinges are usually made with metal but there are cases that they are made with plastic. They can be found either mounting on the bottom or on side surfaces, depending on the car design.

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