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Rear Bumpers

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper is a factory-installed device that protects the rear of a vehicle. It's also known as an "impact absorber" or "airbag", and is found on most modern cars. The term was coined in the 1920s.

What is a Rear Bumper?

The bumper serves to cushion the impact forces generated during collisions with other vehicles, by using energy from the impact to rebound sideways and whiplash into compression waves. The shock-absorbing tubes are designed not just for stopping and protecting against damage, but for minimizing damage to your car, including reducing wind noise similar to an aerodynamic spoiler effect when moving at speed. It is intended to protect the finish of the vehicle.

The shock-absorbing feature of bumpers is designed to keep your car's body panels from being damaged in a collision, rather than keeping the car from moving. In the event of an impact, the metal bumper will bend and deform into a new shape that protects your vehicle's structure.

Basic components of a Bumpers: an outer shell and a support member. This outer shell is typically made up of steel or other high-strength material, while the support member is typically made up of rubber or plastic. If you love cars and want to build one yourself enter this competition!

It's hard enough buying a new car bumper and having to deal with the sticker shock. But what if, instead of buying a car bumper, you buy a used car bumper? All of that sudden expense will vanish. And, on top of that, you'll save even more money by knowing more about the potential purchase before you ever set foot in a dealership.

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