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Heater Assembly

Heater Assembly

Heater Box Assembly for cars with air conditioning

Directs hot air into and throughout the vehicle during cool days

Replaces the broken, leaking, or missing Heater Box to enhance heating performance and ensure warm air is directed in the right direction

Constructed out of a lightweight yet durable sheet molding compound

Comes Pre-Assembled and a Direct Fit replacement for easy installation

Only for classic models with air conditioning

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Exact OE Specifications

ACP strives to match or exceed OE Correct standards for each of our products to maintain the original factory look.

Durable Construction

Our products are built for the long haul, with durable construction and components designed to offer dependable operation for years to come.

Direct Fitment

Our team knows how important it is to get the right fit. That's why we enforce a strict level of fitment standards for each of our direct-to-fit replacement parts.

How Your Car’s Heater Works

First and foremost, your car’s engine needs to run to warm up the engine’s "antifreeze." The antifreeze is what carries heat from the engine into the passenger compartment. The engine will need to run for several minutes to build up heat.

Once the engine has reached operating temperature, the "thermostat" on the engine opens and allows antifreeze to flow through. Commonly, the thermostat opens at 165 to 195 degrees. As coolant begins to flow through the engine, heat from the engine is absorbed into the antifreeze and carried through to the heater core.

The "heater core" is a heat exchanger much like a radiator. It is mounted inside the heater housing inside your car’s dash. The blower motor pulls air through the heater core, removing heat from the antifreeze circulating through it. The antifreeze then carries on to the water pump.

The "HVAC control" inside your car is integral to your heating system. It allows you to create a comfortable environment by controlling the blower motor’s speed, the amount of heat in your car, and the direction of air movement. There are several actuators and electrical motors that control doors inside the heater box in your dash. The HVAC control communicates with them to change the air direction and the temperature regulation.

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