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What is Car Fuel Injector?

Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is an electronically controlled machine that is employed to inject/spray (just sort of a syringe) the fuel into the engine for the preparation of correct air-fuel mixture that in turn provides efficient combustion to the engine?

The position of the fuel injectors differs for various engine designs however sometimes they're mounted on the engine head with a tip within the combustion chamber of the engine.

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Types of Fuel Injectors

On the Basis of Fuel

1.Diesel Fuel Injectors

2.Gasoline Fuel Injectors

On the Basis of Fuel Metering

1.Mechanically Controlled Fuel Injectors

2.Electronically Controlled Fuel Injectors

Diesel Fuel Injectors:

Fuel injectors square measure tiny electrical parts that are accustomed to deliver fuel via a spring directly into the intake manifold ahead of the intake valve in a diesel engine.

Gasoline Fuel Injectors:

Fuel injectors are placed within the intake manifold and spray fuel through a small nozzle. The fuel injector uses a special nozzle to spray the fuel as mist, rather than a strong jet stream. simply think about the nozzle on the hose you employ in your yard. you can change how the water flows out of your nozzle.

Mechanically Controlled Fuel Injectors:

The air flow is controlled by a flap valve that opens in response to the foot lever. because the air flow increases, the fuel distributor automatically will increase the flow of fuel to the injectors to stay the fuel/air mixture properly balanced.

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