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Car Heater Core

Heater Core

Heater Core is the heating and cooling unit that lies in the engine compartment of a car, which is designed to supply warmed air through a duct system and coolant liquid to remove heat from the engine. Heaters can be used for either heating or air conditioning, while coolants are typically used in combination.

A heater core is located at one end of the radiator system and an expansion tank at the other. The fan blows through a heat exchanger on one side of this tank, drawing in coolant liquid from outside it (as long as you are driving).

We sell used heater cores for cars. The heater cores are reliable and affordable products, and the wholesale price is very cheap. You can buy one from us without any doubt. One of our product's advantages is that it fits for different brands, cars and models because we have so many different sizes. If you still want to know, please contact us and we will give you more details about it, like how to affix it in your car or all the features about this product.

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