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Car Wheel


Automobile wheels might seem like one of the most simple and easy to manage parts of a car. However, every year the big manufacturers invest a lot of money in researching and developing better, smarter, lighter, and stronger types of wheels.

Whether it’s a Koenigsegg Regera that features full carbon-fiber wheels or Jaguar, which continuously reproduces its popular steel wheels or steelies for the low-drag E-Type.

But why is that? Well, even though wheels do not seem like something that requires this much attention, but trust us they are much more responsible for the aesthetics as well as for the performance of the car. This is why wheels shouldn’t be taken for granted!

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Right from the inception of wheels in the world, they are being continuously worked upon to develop and manufacture better wheels. And currently, there are so many different types of wheels available in the market.

How many different types of wheels are there? Read this article ahead to learn everything you need to know about various types of wheels which are used in today’s automobiles.

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Different Types of Wheels

Steel Wheels

Alloy Wheels

Multi-piece Wheels

Chrome Wheels

Diamond-Cut Wheels

Forged Wheels

Replica ‘OEM style’ Wheels

Parts of Car Wheel:

Wheel Bearings

Wheel Rims


The Hub

Wheel Fasteners

Valve System

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